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Reef The Lost Cauze – Reef The Lost Cauze Is Dead (free album)


Reefs play on the classic De la Soul album, and an ode to Viro The Virus (R.I.P.)


1.Exile On Front Street
2.Massive Your High
3.Like A Shotgun
4.Dead To Me
5.Love Is?
7.Glass Houses
9.Death By Radio
10.Thought Control
11.One Million Miles From Me
12.No Worries
13.A Tale Of Two Parties
14.Ghost Town
15.Wit Or Witout


Knightstalker ft Reef The Lost Cauze – Lost Children

Knightstalker is an MC out of Germany and he’s teamed up AOTP’s Reef the Lost Cauze for a joint off his latest album Knighttime which is 13 tracks long and if the rest of the album is like this track, then itll be good album. Check the joint below.

The “Knighttime” album is available at iTunes: HERE
and a limited edition cd is available (worldwide shipping) too, but with 1 week delay (Feb 24th): @HHV

Enemy Soil Records Sampler

Enemy Soil Records home of Jedi Mind Tricks, AOTP and OPG have just released this brand new sampler for heads to get familiar with what Enemy Soil has to offer thus far. Groups included on the Sampler are Jedi Mind Tricks, Dutch, and some AOTP fam. Stream and download are below.

1. Target Practice [Explicit] Jedi Mind Tricks 2:39
2. Blood Meridian [Explicit] ILL Bill, Vinnie Paz 2:45
3. Keeper Of The Seven Keys [Explicit] ILL Bill, Vinnie Paz 3:03 4. Mossberg Solution (ft. Vinnie Paz) [Explicit] Outerspace, 3:28
5. Drag You To Hell [Explicit] Vinnie Paz 4:16
6. OPG Theme (Feat. Burke the Jurke & Vinnie Paz) [Explicit] Reef the Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz 3:22
7. Just Before The Rain Dutch 3:59
8. 2,000 Leagues Under My Keyboard Dutch 4:27