Meyhem Lauren – Butter (mixtape)


Meyhem Lauren has been puttin in some hard ass work lately and it's been paying off. He recently released a new album with mixtape king J-Love the name of the album is Clarified Butter and it's available now on iTunes I suggest you pick it up. For those not in the know or havent been able to grasp the work Meyhems been putting in, it's ok, we got you.This is a compilation mixtape of free promo tracks that Meyhem has leaked over the past couple years along with a couple other goodies and gems. It's over an hour long and has 23 tracks, I hope you guys like it, Peace to Meyhem Lauren and The Lo-Life Fam.


#     Artist             Title
1    Meyhem Lauren    Bout 2 Win Again
2    Meyhem Lauren    7000 Thoughts
3    Meyhem Lauren    Industry Shakedoown Freestyle 1
4    Meyhem Lauren    Industry Shakedown Freestyle 2         
5    Meyhem Lauren    Swiss Alps
6    Meyhem Lauren    Typhoon   
7    Meyhem Lauren    A Race Against Time   
8    Meyhem Lauren    2 Dope Boyz Freestyle
9    Meyhem Lauren    Glorious
10    Meyhem Lauren    Got The Fever
11    Meyhem Lauren    Heavy Cream
12    Meyhem Lauren    Just Can't Win
13    Meyhem Lauren    Where Do You Come From?     
14    Meyhem Lauren    Live Shit
15    Meyhem Lauren    Lost Souls
16    Meyhem Lauren    Queens     
17    Meyhem Lauren    Ray Lewis f. Action Bronson and A.G. da' Coroner
18    Meyhem Lauren    The Silk Shirt Ambassador
19    Meyhem Lauren    Sound Boy Buriel Freestyle
20    Meyhem Lauren    The Bigger Picture
21    Meyhem Lauren    Timeless Greatness   
22    Meyhem Lauren    True Confessions Freestyle
23    Meyhem Lauren    Whack Rap Niggaz

Total Tracks: 23
Duration: 1h 8m 47s

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