The Goblin On The Couch Podcast: The Return (S2E1)


What’s good everyone, my homies Edd and Ray are in the 2nd season of their podcast called Goblin On The Couch. I will be a regular contributor this season, just telling wild stories, in the vein of Phonetap. 1st episode just went live on YouTube. You can peep it above my segment is around 27 minutes. Peace to Edd, Ray, Benny, and @fridaypizzaparty for the amazing artwork.

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Going Back To Our Roots…

What’s good everyone, so here’s a quick update of what will be going on here. We’re going back to our roots. For the past half decade/longer I’ve focused on bringing you hiphop I enjoy and think you’d dig. This is what I’ve always done since the creation of the site but I put other site focus’s on the back burner, namely movie suggestions/reviews and gaming.

I’m going to be posting more trailers for films, reviews, and information. Most of these will be horror, Asian, or anything I deem awesome. Gaming will fall under cool new releases and old games I’m playing and collecting for. While I know these things may not appeal to all, it’s ok I hope by sharing these things I’ll put you up on to something new. If not just wait for the hiphop to drop. I’ll also be trying to feature more Boston artists, Boston hiphop history, more photos and videos and stuff that made the site standout back in the day. I’ll also doing MMA picks like in the past.

The biggest news, the podcast will return in 2019. This time it’ll be more research based and more focused instead of freestyling every week for 2 hours. I’ll be doing episodes dolo briefly, until I can get a couple new laptops as both mine are struggling hard. I’ll also be launching a Patreon for those who want to support us and the site.

Also another big piece of news our site is now mobile. It’ll work and look nice on any device so I hope this helps revive the site a little. Well folks that’s all I got. I hope this news brings you some joy. If you have any suggestions or disagree feel free to sound off in the comment section.

The post Going Back To Our Roots… appeared first on The Crypt.