R.I.P. Lord Superb

Just got word that Lord Superb has passed away. Lord Superb was a wu-tang affiliate known for 2 things, being featured on Supreme Clientele and allegedly ghostwring the Supreme Clientele album, which later Ghostface said was untrue and that has never had or ever will have a ghostwriter. Superb was ousted from the Clan shortly after this it’s debatable if this was related to Superbs ghostwriting claims or because Superb got locked up for molesting/raping a minor. So I guess the truth died with Superb.

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Awar ft Styles P and Jadakiss – Bricks Like 86 (Prod. Vanderslice x GreenSteez)

Awar signs up Styles P and Jadakiss to rhyme with him over a crushing Vanderslice and Green Steez beat. Spoils of War drops soon, but in the meantime copp the coke white 7″

Buy vinyl here

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Introducing PlayStation Classic

Well, it’s now been announced dropping just in time for Christmas with a price tag of $99 the Sony playstation classic! It will include 20 games, has hdmi out and appears to come with wired controllers. Games that appear in the video we can expect at launch… Final Fantasy 7, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash. Thats only 5 of the 20 games, what other psone classics would you like see come to this mini console? My wanted games, Castlevania SOTN, Motor Toon Grand Prix, and Alundra. Make. It happen Sony!

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