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CheckMark – Thanks for Life (video)

CheckMark of the legendary Skitzofreniks just released a new jawn for YouTube as well an album on bandcamp (we’ll post that separately). Nice to hear him again it’s been a long time. Really feeling this joint and video it’s produced by DC the Midialien as well.

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R.I.P. Eddie Bones Of The Skitzofreniks

TheCrypt sends it’s condolences out to the friends and family of Eddie Bones of the Skitzofreniks R.I.P.

Here’s Checkmarks words on his passing,

The World lost another good man last night, and Heaven gained a hardworking Angel..

He’s in a better place.

Erik’s last couple years were a living torture for him. He was a hands-on, “stand up” type of guy who had to sit back and watch the World move around him. It ate him up that he didn’t have the ability to contribute more than words, thoughts and feelings since his accident. Erik was a DO-er and never wanted to rely on others to take care of him.

In remembering Bones, don’t think of the dude in the wheelchair.. Remember him in his finest hours, whether on stage with a mic in his hand and the spotlight on him, or the proud Father, pushing his daughter on a swing.

He already endured the tough times, living, and now he can relax at ease, and be the Angel to guide Marley through life with a much more powerful impact.

My Brother got his wings now. No more chair. No more relying on anyone to do the simple things that we all take for granted. God took him from
his challenged position, and gave him the opportunity to make things better for his Mom, Daughter, and Woman..

The next week or so will be difficult, but things happen the way they are supposed to. This too shall pass..

Erik went out as he lived- a fighter. Not fighting senselessly, but fighting with purpose. He wanted people to just be BETTER. He wanted us to learn the TRUTH, and not settle for face value. He believed in “each one, teach one”.

His life was cut WAY short, but he’s also left a lot behind to live on for him, most importantly, Marley and his Mom, and also his Music.. Remember the good times, and create your own new ones, with him in mind.

All I ask is, don’t get DRUNK and mourn for him. Hug your kids, and love your Mom for him. Be a better person for him. Make the most of your time on the earth for him, and be happy for each living, breathing, MOVING day..

In the words of my Brother- “One Love, One God”.